The Defense Bar

Do you need CLEs? If so, you now have a choice of a Zoom meeting with me for your law firm. Or, you can have a bar association group Zoom meeting. Maybe you would prefer a private one-on-one Zoom meeting with me: a true choice. Not your ordinary CLE. Participants will understand why clients and offenders […]

The Rainmaker

” In the legal context, a rainmaker can be a lawyer who brings many clients to a law firm. In other words, a rainmaker is a lawyer who generates a large amount of business for a law firm usually through wide contacts within the business community” according to Click on classes on the home […]

California State Bar Association approves MCLE.

“Judges’ and Attorneys’ Drug Court Desk Reference” has been approved for MCLE in California. It’s listed as Provider #19867, Program #159959. Keeping the Drug Court Promise is sacrosanct. It gives Hope to offenders and perhaps underserved participants. Effective drug courts can offer improved public safety for their communities too. Additionally, successful drug court programs help […]

Augmented Reality, SUD and Drug Court Treatment – 34 CEU

34 NAADAC Approved CEU, $145.00. Provider# 192679. Employment Application for Agency Trainer-Coach. Content/Purpose: Counselors, Drug Court Clinicians, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and other professionals will understand and be able explain how to help clients see, hear and feel the Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT) solutions more clearly, using augmented reality skills and resources clients […]

Pros and Cons of Drug Court Treatment.

Self-defeating, out dated trial strategies can be costly in several ways. That leaves little in the way of pros. Because due process, time and money are involved, sticking to “Old You” strategies are costly.  What would be the disadvantages of switching to updated best practices, that are really evidence based if it helped win more cases and appeals? Informed public defenders […]


Most people are looking for happiness and success. These can mean different things to different people.  Attorneys may look at success as graduating law school, passing the bar exam, becoming  successful in the field of your choice of the law and, hopefully, making a lot of money. However, even after meeting these goals, up to […]

Mom Learns Parts Mediation

Mom and Sidekick get together after an extended Fourth of July hiatus Scene: Mom’s weekend came and went like a speeding train. There were picnics and parties, day and night. Crackling and booming, the black night sky was lit up with red, white and blue, fireworks and rockets that burst heaven-ward. Mom had flashbacks and […]