Mom Learns Parts Mediation

Mom and Sidekick get together after an extended Fourth of July hiatus Scene: Mom’s weekend came and went like a speeding train. There were picnics and parties, day and night. Crackling and booming, the black night sky was lit up with red, white and blue, fireworks and rockets that burst heaven-ward. Mom had flashbacks and […]

Mom and Everywoman

Scene: Wearing masks and practicing social distancing, Mom and Sidekick reflect on Mom’s parting comment from the previous week: “…Finally, after years of struggle, I feel I have a bright future to achieve my dreams. Anything is possible,” Mom had said to Sidekick. They pondered that as they sat, satisfied. Sidekick: Interested in having Mom […]

Mom’s Epiphany and Change, Cont’d.

Scene: Gray clouds rolling, thunder clapping, The Greek Chorus gathered and is chanting about Mom’s  epiphany.  They discuss the value of VAK and imagery. The leader: “We understand it means visual, auditory and kinesthetic, or see, hear and feel.” The volume of the chanting increases with the new awareness that these are our ‘true strengths […]

Mom’s Epiphany and Change

Scene: Mom, tired now, sat to relax with her sidekick on a long, green bench. “Courtesy of The Chamber of Commerce” it said. They talked about how trauma can have long lasting effects on a person. Mom, deep in thought about how previous events and decisions have affected her life, said that she had an […]

Mother could benefit from C.E.E.

What is C.C.E. you might be asking. It’s Corrective Emotional Experience. Mom, just as any of us who have had any situation that our operating system has coded as traumatic will benefit by revisiting, reprocessing and re-imprinting that experience. That is the basic premise of EMI, Brief Eye Movement Therapy and EMDR. Let’s do an […]