Whether you are court mandated or looking for help with substance abuse treatment or addiction on your own, I can help you. My specialty is Criminal Justice and Addictions. I’m a CCJP, Certified Criminal Justice and Addictions Professional.

If you are an attorney or Publice Defender I can help with Pristine Justice strategies that will help you help your clients to a successful drug court outcome. Your client doesn’t need termination. S/he probably will benefit from a different level of care. An L+1 level of care. I offer defense expert witness services to help in this area. Call me now if you want to hear more about this. Ph: 808 385 4550.

Anyone can get help with alcohol and drug problems here: From an experienced counselor who will guide and work with you finding answers to addiction problems. I help people recover from alcohol and other drugs – confidentially.

Additionally I help professionals with education ideas and credits in this area.

Concierge Counseling – It means Counseling Your Way – A Collaboration

NAADAC Approved Education Provider #192679, Expires 3/1/2022

E Komo Mai. In Hawaii that means Welcome! Since you are at my site you could be wondering about or if you have an alcohol or other drug problem. There are many recovery ideas here for you to consider.

What’s the Plan?

Our mission is to create “The interactive process of providing assistance to a client to help him/her change and maintain attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are more constructive in their recovery process.” This will help you to be free of unwanted behaviors such as drinking, drugging, even smoking. Learn how to be “unstuck.”  Please, browse this site at your convenience.

Fears and concerns:

Someone asked me, “if I stop drinking will I be as happy?” YES! Just as happy. Probably even happier. Everything you did before you can do sober. Better. Just without alcohol taking up your time and money.

Continuing Education or Professional Development:

CEUs?  If you are a counselor or therapist you could be looking for CEUs. I can help you with that. Feel free to browse my site or you can go to the Catalog and see a description of my class. We can do this your way. Choose from a PDF as listed, or, a booklet. However, the booklet is more expensive. You’ll be better off buying the PDF and printing it. You can keep it for a desk reference.

There are many ideas to help you with your alcohol, drug and addiction issues, gaining an understanding of how the Alcohol and Other Drug Cycle works. How do I know if I have a drinking problem? Have you asked that question? That could be a sign of something troubling you and you need some answers.  Do You Need and Want Confidentiality too?

Great! You want and need help with alcohol or drug abuse. Knowing that is a huge advantage. Great news…

Confidential and affordable.

We offer comprehensive and cost effective alcohol and drug treatment on Maui, anywhere in Hawaii or the location of your choice. You have concerns though. Confidential?

Yes. This is confidential and nobody will know. Not Human Resources, your commanding officer, your insurance company, your business, not your competition.

You’ve arrived at the right place. Congratulations! It’s your first step toward sobriety. Maybe all you need is a support person. Telephone interventions can be very effective. You can call me now at 808 385 4550. If you need more intense treatment, fine. Here’s why…

Personalized Treatment Planning.

Individual Intensive Outpatient Treatment is available now at the location of your choice: home, office or as a vacation retreat. Concierge Counseling can be yours on Maui, the mainland, or anywhere in the world. Even by phone!

And guess what. Home treatment (at your residence) can be just as effective as residential treatment that can cost you tens of thousand of dollars per month.*


What? You just got out of treatment or a residential program? Great! Aftercare is a top priority for you now. You learned the basic tools for recovery in treatment. Here is where you learn to maintain your recovery skills – to remain abstinent. This should make sense: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/12/161214115116.htm

Telephone interventions on a consistent follow-up basis can help you to be more effective in maintaining your recovery.

If you are in or seeking recovery it is a good idea to follow my blog posts as they describe a process or flow that will help you be successful. Clinicians will find ideas, interventions and NAADAC approved CEU opportunities that will help clients to get to their next level of recovery or Transcendence.

NAADAC Provider #192679, Expires 3/1/2022.

Sober Coaching or companionship will help you to be or remain successful enhancing sober living – as a lifestyle. Yes – it’s a lifestyle. You can find more info on the About and Services pages. You will see that there is more to it than just not using. You can email: standokmanus1@outlook.com.

So, for you and the person who asked “can I be as happy if I quit drinking?” The answer is YES! You can. Happier even. Doing everything else you’ve ever done. Except, you will do it better and without alcohol.

So cheer up! You’re not alone. Anyone can have problems with alcohol or drug abuse. Other people in your organization are probably having problems too. But – what are you going to do about you? This is where you get help, now. You can call me to see and hear how to start: 808 385 4550.

Anyone can have problems. Are you an employer that is losing money or are afraid of being sued? Call me.  http://abouttesting.testcountry.com/2012/03/alcohol-and-drug-use-in-different-industries.

* http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/04/17/523016186/home-based-drug-treatment-program-costs-less-and-works