California State Bar Association approves MCLE.

Judges’ and Attorneys’ Drug Court Desk Reference” has been approved for MCLE in California. It’s listed as Provider #19867, Program #159959. Keeping the Drug Court Promise is sacrosanct. It gives Hope to offenders and perhaps underserved participants. Effective drug courts can offer improved public safety for their communities too.

Additionally, successful drug court programs help keep non-violent offenders at home with their families rather than in prison. They can earn money to support families rather than cost states up to $81,000.00 per year for incarceration.

Public Defenders, the Defense Bar, probation and parole as well as all drug court professionals can benefit from this MCLE program. It will serve the entire mandated criminal justice system. Go to, Click on classes to buy your copy now.

Law Firms can buy this for every attorney on staff needing MCLE. You can call me for a preferred rate based on quantity needed. Ph: 808 385 4550.

The “No A; therefore No B Defense” could win many good verdicts and appeals. Find out how with this MCLE program.