Counseling Your Way

What do I do? I provide counseling and therapy based on your needs and wants – your way. Primarily I’m a substance abuse counselor. Because of my personal life experience, education and training I can help you with your alcohol and other drugs problems. I can even help with criminal thinking and conduct.

My specialty is Criminal Justice and Addictions. I’m a CCJP. Certified Criminal Justice and Addictions Professional. I have many years of experience working with drug court participants. That experience enables me to give drug court clients and their attorneys paths to successful completion of the drug court program.

Public Defenders and criminal defense attorneys will benefit from these Pristine Justice defense strategies. If you are an attorney and would like to hear more about this you can call me now at 808 385 4550.

Substance abuse is a major problem for employers too. I help individuals and employer groups solve these problems and get to the next level of performance.

Sometimes there are substance use disorders and other thinking or behavior issues in the way. Most of the time there are ghosts from the past that cause these problems and are in your way today.

Business owners, professionals or anyone with a substance abuse or performance problem can benefit from this work. You can call me now at 808 385 4550 to get answers and help with your concerns.

But first, if you are depressed or feeling suicidal call The National Suicide Hotline – 1 800 273 8255. Or, go to an emergency room. If you are okay and looking for help let’s see how I can help you.

What you will find here are “Methods and tools used for Counseling Services: The interactive process of providing assistance to a client to help him/her change and maintain attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are more constructive in their recovery process. Together we can determine the most appropriate type of assistance and the counseling interventions to facilitate the change in your behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. Counseling services include individual, group, family, crisis intervention counseling and psychoeducation.”

Individual counseling is available to you. In-house or destination site, perhaps residential treatment too, or workshops are available for employer groups and individuals interested in help getting unstuck from alcohol or other drug disorder issues. Everyone has a  next level of performance. In-house could be your place of business. A hotel. Or a workshop at sea.

How about an in-house or Maui workshop? Coronavirus prevents this at this time, 8/14/20.

NAADAC Approved Education Provider. My Provider #192679 expires 3/1/2022. If you are a clinician in need of CEUs contact me to receive study materials. Or, go to the products page and click buy now to begin your CEU class. You can go on the site to see if your state accepts these hours. Forty seven states, Japan and South Korea do. This information can also be used for professional development.

Businesses can use the same material to improve workplace staff performance. Workplace substance abuse is a huge problem.

State CEU Approvals:

Hawai’i – CEU Approved and available – Home Study (20 CEU, $75.00 PDF – and Live Workshops). Thirty four (34) CEU are available for home study to mitigate the threat of Coronavirus. $145.00. If you would like to purchase either of these go to the products page and check out now.

Wisconsin clinicians can use these CEU hours even though Wisconsin does not give provider approval. Home Study (20 CEU – $75.00 – PDF) and Live 14 hour Workshops. Thirty four CEU available for $145.00.

You should do the home study course before you attend a workshop. That way you will know all the terms and theory and we can get down to “how to” help clients or you with getting “unstuck”.

Employers can use the home study program too. It is a great in-house module to gain skills for stress or anger management and well as effective, assertive communication skills.

You and your staff will understand and identify triggers for stress, anger, substance abuse problems and potential criminal conduct in the workplace.

You will understand and have access to new skills to manage and control these feelings and emotional states – instantly!

Business owners, professionals (doctors, lawyers, dentists), behavioral therapists (self care) and employers can benefit too. As these workshops will help your staff improve work performance and get you to the next level there are huge tax benefits. I will explain them to you when we talk.

Contact me, Stan Dokmanus, CCJP, CSAC, ICCJP, for details for your business and state at 808 385 4550 or email to

I offer home study and live workshops anywhere. Check with your state or me regarding approval. You can join me in Hawaii or I can visit with you at your home or place of business.