Adequate Criminal Defense Definition

Do you have grounds for appeal as a mandated drug court treatment client?

“Substance abuse treatment focuses on negative beliefs about self and facilitating or permission-granting beliefs about substance abuse” said Judy Beck, a Cognitive Theory expert.

For the drug court substance abuse treatment programs, I would add ‘permission-granting beliefs about AOD/alcohol and other drugs abuse and criminal thinking and conduct/CTC.

As most drug courts have been abstinence based, this would include limiting beliefs and values about any use of any mind-altering substance while in treatment.

If specific belief change work was not done for and with the client, it could be grounds for appeal. One might question if it is also malpractice.

NADCP, The National Association of Drug Court Professionals, addresses medically assisted treatment, MAT, and provides webinar training at the time of this writing that could be useful to the reader. NADCP has great online courses.

A CBT map image (p.15) explains the whole process. It is from Drug Court Treatment: The Verdict,

Attorneys, jurists and clinicians should be aware of the CBT process illustrated by that image. The image is shown, described and illustrated in the CLE classes for judges, attorneys and therapists’ CEU classes. Click on classes, above, to get started now.

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