Recovery is a journey. If you have been following each blog post in order you have covered a lot of information. It could all be new to you. For someone new on the “Trail to Transendence” (beyond the road to recovery) for the first time it could be information overload.
A good idea would be to take a time out to review
this information so you can really “put all the pieces together.”
If you have a question, problem or need help just email or call me:, or, 808 385 4550.
If you don’t ask you may never know or learn – on time. You are in a contest with time.
Be certain that you understand the CBT Map image at the beginning of the blog post. Just as a computer has an operating system, so do you. The CBT Map image is your operating system.
Have you ever been logged on to your computer and trying to find a page or image when all you get is the buffering or initializing image? Maybe you are getting a recovery ‘No Wi Fi Connection” error message. How frustrating!
You could feel the same way trying to answer the ‘how to change or recover’ question. You could feel lost, confused and just going around and around.
You have a vague idea about what you want but you just can’t get there. You just keep on buffering.
You can’t get a clear image of how to transcend because that recovery page just will not open. You may just be stuck deleting, distorting or generalizing what you think are facts about the world based on your limiting beliefs, values and attitude. Who? Me? Yes – you.
So – go back and review. Then we will continue with your map of reality, your strengths and resources and how to get the outcome you truly desire.