Coach what?, How about Desistence? It’s the way to effective Substance Abuse Treatment.

We’ve all experienced the violent revolving door of the criminal justice system. Rape, robbery, arrest, due process, conviction, treatment prison, parole and right back in the system and prison. Where does coaching come in? Are you teaching desistence? It’s the criminal justice WPA annuity system. It’s like a Roth IRA distribution. It just keeps on […]

Goals of Mandated Treatment.

There are two primary goals of mandated treatment programs such as drug court. They are: 1. Reduce Recidivism and 2. Lower the cost of crime and treatment. For the State of Hawaii, it costs $39,000.00-$40,000.00 per year to house drug offenders and others convicted of crime in the state. Many of the convicted offenders are […]