Get help with your pain and frustration from alcohol and substance abuse issues, here, free. Read the blog material. It will guide you step by step.

Aloha and welcome to a new approach to substance abuse counseling and recovery. First – I know your pain. I was there.

Now, with 14 years of substance abuse counseling experience and 36 years of sobriety I know how to help you get to where you want and need to go.

Most of my work has been with drug court participants. Public Defenders and criminal defense attorneys will see how what I’ve experienced will help them and their clients get successful drug court outcomes. In most cases a higher L+1 level of care is more appropriate than termination. Call me if you want to hear more about this. Ph: 808 385 4550.

You will learn about Transcendence and be able to use the strengths and resources you already have to get there.

You know that you or someone you know and care about, maybe a client or patient needs help. But, you are stuck. And…

You want assurance of complete privacy and anonymity. You don’t want a human resources record of ‘a problem with alcohol or other drugs’. You don’t even want an insurance company to pay or have a record about what we can or will do together.

Embarrassed, you are tired of being tired. You insist on complete privacy. And – you want affordable privacy and practical treatment.

You feel it is not practical for you to take unexplained time off from your busy personal, business or corporate schedule to enter a residential treatment center for three months, six months or even a year. Really? Now, you can benefit from individualized treatment planning. You will be able to weave these ideas into what you’ve learned before.

Can you afford the same outcomes or results you have been getting? No? Then it’s time to look into an affordable custom fit Concierge Counseling program tailored to your needs. Right? You can call me now at 808 385 4550.

You select the location – anywhere. You can come to me in Hawaii or I can meet you at your location: anywhere in the world.* I am an Internationally Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.

You may want me as a sober companion or coach while helping you to change your beliefs,values, attitude and substance abuse behavior. That’s the basic function of counseling.

You may want a family retreat treatment plan as addiction is a family disease. You can benefit from Individual Intensive Outpatient Treatment while the family vacations together.

You want to be back at the top of your game. You want your life back. Using Evidence Based, Best Practices methods (CBT – Cognitive Behavior Theory), linguistics and Applied Psychology as well as Modern Multi-Modal Learning Theory you can achieve your goals. You will be able to see, hear and feel the difference that makes the difference now, as you begin your personal journey.

Let me know what you feel the problems are and would like addressed. After a thorough assessment is completed we can share ideas about solutions. It is after all a partnership. Would you like a confidential conversation?

You may want a private session. You can contact me now by email, standokmanus1@outlook.com, or by phone, 808 385 4550.

Many people have asked me how and expressed interest in the method that I used to stop drinking and smoking the same day. I’ll share that with you. Everyone does not need six months or a year of treatment.

My session also boosted me to the top of the sales leader board with my company. You will hear the Language of Recovery™ used to address substance abuse issues as well as performance motivation.

Your Six Steps on the Trail to Transcendence™ from alcohol or other substance abuse can start today. See Drug Court Treatment: The Verdict for more about Transcendence.

*IC&RC reciprocity may apply. We will discuss the details before you decide on the best course of action for you. This is about what is best for you.


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