Women, Men, Stress and Drug Problems.

Do women and men respond the same way to stress? No, they don’t. Our bodies react differently to stress and how we deal with it. Today, with the Coronavirus threatening our children and our lives we may need new and better ways to meet the challenge. The link just below has helpful tips: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/urban-survival/202003/new-research-stress-quarantine-and-5-ways-feel-better What […]

Understanding addiction as a choice or disease.

When someone is suffering with addiction to whatever substance it is very painful, scary and dangerous. Depression can be a part of the diagnosis. Helpless, hopeless and worthless are how people feel. The irrational thoughts that go with these are not helpful either. How did this happen to me? you might ask. The root word […]

Substance abuse counseling help includes… Cognitive Behavior Theory.

Cognitive Behavior Theory is the gold standard of treatment for drinkers and druggers. A useful behavior tool is avoiding slippery people. Social distancing is the only thing you and I can control. We cannot control other people or events like the Coronavirus Pandemic occurring. Some reports say that “the curve” is flattening. Why is it […]