“…For these reasons, It is a great pleasure for me to recommend to you this new book…” Chief Judge and Maui Drug Court founder, (Ret.)

“My daily activities are no longer limited as they were for the last 11 years. I HIGHLY recommend this Therapy…” Master’s level CSAC

“it was a great experience…” MBA

“Oh, someone asked me how the workshop with you went and I said it was great, awesome, can’t wait for the next one…” CSAC, Master’s level

“…it was such an awesome training…” CSAC

“This should be taught in schools.” Master’s level school counselor, CSAC

“Having attended many graduation ceremonies, Stan or as his clients affectionately call him, Stan the Man, is always thanked with many kudos by the graduates. They single him out as the major factor in their journey to clean and sober living.” Former president and board member for Aloha House

“All the staff needs to be trained.” Supervisor, CSAC

“I’m in 100%. I am considering an in-service for our staff.” Master’s level CEO

As the Judge points out in the foreword, drug court, criminal justice and addictions is a difficult population. If these methods are effective for  drug court clients they will work for you too.

And, they could be effective for clients or patients that you feel should be referred. You can have them contact me.

Just as you would not consider your business website without SSL protection for your clients you demand discretion and privacy to solve your issues that lead to substance abuse problems. If that’s true, then Concierge Counseling at the location of your choice is for you.