Imagine Possibilities for Recovery.

Imagination and perception are extremely interesting phenomena in the substance abuse field. And they are effective. Psychology of change creates open windows to (y)our beliefs, values, and behavior change possibilities. It’s the Psychology of Behavior Change. For more information or CEU click the classes button. Or go to this link.¬† Whether you are a counselor […]

Addictions, Counseling and Therapy.

People with addiction or criminal behavior problems have one priority when it comes to behavior change. We need to address permission-granting beliefs about AOD/CTC, alcohol and other drugs/criminal thinking and conduct, ASAP in treatment. This is a basic CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) principle according to Judith S. Beck, author and therapist. Then we can address […]

Belief Clutches, Attorneys, and Clients

Substance abuse treatment, counselors and therapists deal with the beliefs and values of clients throughout their careers. Why is this so important? “There will be no long-term behavior changes unless core beliefs and values are changed first”, according to Wanberg and Milkman.” Paraphrasing Beck, “Permission-granting limiting beliefs about alcohol and other drug use and criminal […]

Validation by Parents is important.

We all need to feel okay and accepted. Parenting plays the major part in this process. “You’re no good.” “You’ll never amount to anything.” “You don’t deserve…, X.” You fill in the blank. This could be an example of traumatized parents acting out on and traumatizing their children because that’s all they know. This type […]

Validation: a Good Feeling

The cognitive process is the same for all of us. Offenders and criminal justice and addictions professionals too. We all have a similar operating system. CBT map image from Drug Court Treatment: The Verdict, p.15, explains how the process works in detail. The CLE and CEU classes, above, describe this in detail.