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Imagination and perception are extremely interesting phenomena in the substance abuse field. And they are effective.

Psychology of change creates open windows to (y)our beliefs, values, and behavior change possibilities. It’s the Psychology of Behavior Change. For more information or CEU click the classes button. Or go to this link.

Whether you are a counselor seeking CEU or a person in need of recovery from alcohol or other drugs, this class will work for you. It can be the first step on the Trail to Transcendence from your problem.

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Addictions, Counseling and Therapy.

People with addiction or criminal behavior problems have one priority when it comes to behavior change.

We need to address permission-granting beliefs about AOD/CTC, alcohol and other drugs/criminal thinking and conduct, ASAP in treatment. This is a basic CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) principle according to Judith S. Beck, author and therapist.

Then we can address REBT-DE (Ellis) and belief change events and processes. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) points out the need to address irrational beliefs. Why? They lead to irrational behavior.

We need to learn how to dispute (D) those beliefs and replace them (E) with empowering beliefs.

There will be no long-term behavior changes without changing AOD/CTC core beliefs first. (Wanberg/Milkman)

Belief change is covered extensively in my criminal justice and addictions counseling class. CEUs available.

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Belief Clutches, Attorneys, and Clients

Substance abuse treatment, counselors and therapists deal with the beliefs and values of clients throughout their careers. Why is this so important?

“There will be no long-term behavior changes unless core beliefs and values are changed first”, according to Wanberg and Milkman.”

Paraphrasing Beck, “Permission-granting limiting beliefs about alcohol and other drug use and criminal thinking and conduct must be addressed as soon as possible,” according to Judith S. Beck. This is a specific topic and skill set for practitioners.

We all have belief clutches. These are beliefs we clutch to even in the face of death. Clients, criminal offenders and addicts hold dear to these to rationalize their criminal addict behavior.

Attorneys also have belief clutches. So do therapists and counselors.

Criminal and addict beliefs are critical. So are the beliefs of attorneys.

Due process depends on the beliefs and values of society, judges and attorneys.

To paraphrase Miller and Rollnick, “Beliefs of the counselor…are as important as beliefs of the clients.”

Belief change skills are taught in my CEU and CLE classes. Clients can benefit from these classes as well.

These topics are discussed in Drug Court Treatment: The Verdict.

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Validation by Parents is important.

We all need to feel okay and accepted. Parenting plays the major part in this process.

“You’re no good.” “You’ll never amount to anything.” “You don’t deserve…, X.” You fill in the blank.

This could be an example of traumatized parents acting out on and traumatizing their children because that’s all they know. This type of verbal and emotional abuse is unvalidating.

If you bought all that junk from parents or peers, you will, find help here getting “unstuck.”

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