It’a time out for some simple thruths. Families, friends and survivors are hurt deeply by the ravages of AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) use disorders. In short, by alcoholism and addiction problems of their loved one.
As mentioned before, the reason people use is to feel different. They want to feel more up or more down. Anything but the way they feel.
Having made a choice to use AOD once, twice or more times they learned about the effects of drugs and too often paid the price of addiction. These can be poor health, family problems, relationship problems, employment problems and legal problems. And – then there is death. Death by overdose is a common problem. Columbus Ohio had to add a second morgue to accommodate all the bodies of those who overdosed on Opioids.
Who was once a model child, student and significant other is now taken over by the drug(s) of choice. Everyone pays the price for this behavior. Death is the ultimate price for all concerned.
The taxpayers and society pay too.
It’s a shame because the brain is a powerful pharmaceutical organ. It is capable of producing incredible highs and lows. And we can learn how to control our emotional states naturally without illegal, unhealth or deadly consequences.
Want to learn a way to feel better at the speed of light? Youtube Chris Rock or some other comedian or comedy show and watch that. In moments you’ll be laughing outragiously.
But you may have depression problems and could benefit greatly by getting therapy. And,’yougottawanna’ as a friend was known to say often. Comedy can be a great way to deal with depression in the moment. Long term your best bet may be legal medication prescribed by ethical practitioners along with psychotherapy. There is no shame in being smart about how you handle your problems.