Attorneys Defending Drug Court Participants

If you are ordered to be in a drug court or treatment program you can benefit by knowing a little more about how that system works. This is true for attorneys too that may be looking for a defense appeal against termination.

Criminal Justice and Addictions.

Attorneys will have the opportunity explore what happens among the huge drug court wrap-around services program. There are quite a few people involved. Each has a different reality.

Drug court is not the usual adversarial paradigm where the defense and prosecution vigorously practice their professions. This has a different outcome for the drug court participant.

There is a better way.

Should drug court participants who clearly violate the contract be terminated? Or, are there valid, logical, reasons why that happened; why they may need a different, maybe higher level of care?

Was it the participant’s act that caused the breach of contract? Is there a meta factor involved here? Could omissions play a role?

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