Help with substance abuse treatment and criminal thinking and conduct is addressed at length in this program. The goals of drug courts are to reduce recidivism and lower the cost of treatment and crime.

Why do so many clients fail in mandated programs? Does this create grounds for appeal?

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The choice is yours. Pick one. You may simply choose to do the class online at your own pace.

Not your ordinary CLE. Participants will understand why clients and offenders fail in mandated treatment. Has the drug court treatment promise been broken? If so, how has it been broken? Is it as simple as E&O?

The Sine qua non, of SUD treatment. There will be no long-term behavior changes if this is not done first. You will learn what that is in my CLE class.

You will understand why Substance Use Disorder, SUD is more common among the legal profession than general public.

It’s simple. The same things that hold back mandated clients limit all of us. You will be able to recognize these issues. Help with drugs, alcohol and addiction is available here, with me, for you as well.

More important, you will understand how these all work and be able to change them working together.

Making it rain. To be extraordinary is to be free of restraints of the past. See how to get past issues that limit professional excellence. We already have the strengths and resources to resolve our issues according to Carl Rogers.

Here’s how to make it rain in the criminal justice and addictions (Drug Court) field, click on classes.

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