Most people are looking for happiness and success. These can mean different things to different people. 

Attorneys may look at success as graduating law school, passing the bar exam, becoming  successful in the field of your choice of the law and, hopefully, making a lot of money. However, even after meeting these goals, up to 20% of attorneys develop a  drug and/or alcohol problem.

This is a much higher rate than the general population. Okay. Maybe you aren’t an attorney. But you still want to be happy and successful.

You may remember the times when you said, “It’ll be better when I… or when this happens, etc. Right? Then, no matter what your field or occupation, something happened.

Somehow – you became very fond of, alcohol, weed, cocaine, etc. Maybe you were already on the path to substance use disorder (SUD) when you were 12, 14 or 16 years of age.

Maybe old, funny, Uncle Joe gave you a snort when you were eight years old and your brain said, “Wow! I want more.”

You’re not alone. Billions of people have been or are hooked on something as you read this. There are as many paths to SUD as there are people on that path.

“But how could this happen to me?” you ask in amazement. Me too.That’s right. I too was hooked but found my way out of the trap. I got “unstuck.”

That made me very happy and I did become more successful. I was then able to set and achieve goals that eluded me in the past.

 Now I’m here to share how I did that with all of you. Fortunately, we learn most of what we know by observation. If one person can do something, other people can learn to do that same behavior by modeling the role model. 

Will I play golf as well as Tiger Woods if I model his swing? Probably not. But – I could play better if I did what he does.¬†As you follow me through these ways to be happy and successful being sober, you will get a step by step game plan that could work for you too. If you want to see more or read what I’ve previously posted, feel free. Or, you can go to my https://www.patreon.com/standokmanus site. One on one coaching is available if you like.