What Did Albert Ellis Say About Beliefs and Behavior #ABCDETheory #CBT #BEMT #ChangeWork #WhyNotNow

To paraphrase Ellis, he said, “It’s not the event that determines consequences or behavior. It’s the beliefs about the event.” ABC-DE Theory.

Why do addiction professionals want to know about this?

“It is essential to recognize that true transformation involves more than just addressing substance abuse; it requires identifying and changing permission-granting Criminal Thinking and Conduct (CTC) beliefs associated with alcohol and other drugs.” OpenAI ChatGPT, Judith S. Beck, et al.

Beck says, “…Address these as soon as possible.”

Why? “There will be no long-term behavior changes unless you change core beliefs first,” according to Wanberg and Milkman.

Do you want to lower relapse and recidivism rates? Treatment organizations and drug courts could work together to accomplish these goals.

Do you think it’s a good idea to first change limiting, CTC permission-granting beliefs?

Do you want an effective go-to belief change intervention?

If I could show you a way to change permission-granting beliefs quickly and efficiently, would you be interested in seeing how it works?

When is now a good time to try Belief Eye Movement Therapy? BEMT.

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