Mother could benefit from C.E.E.

What is C.C.E. you might be asking. It’s Corrective Emotional Experience. Mom, just as any of us who have had any situation that our operating system has coded as traumatic will benefit by revisiting, reprocessing and re-imprinting that experience. That is the basic premise of EMI, Brief Eye Movement Therapy and EMDR. Let’s do an […]

Is Addiction a Disease?

“Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment Philosophy” Palisades of Malubu. Not with me! I believe in 12-Step Recovery. If you wanna it will work. Some professionals and lay people say addiction is a disease. Some say No, it’s a choice. Just like the Non-12 Step idea just above. Some say yes, some say no. I know a […]


Four days ago, we left our Mother and her sidekick stranded as they were about to maybe discuss why the fire came to mind on her “timeline floatback”; described in the prior post, May 26. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs formed the basis of the timeline in a linear format. When Ma reached the Sense of […]


The road to Recovery and Transcendence can be a long and winding. The hilly, sometimes slippery places, twist and turn with the terrain, demonstrating that we must do this on the road’s terms. Rules of the Road. When we choose the road, we must follow its edicts and accept the consequences of that choice. When […]

A Mother’s Experience

How are a mother’s experiences different from yours as the reader? If you are a mother you may want to add to this conversation. If you are a male I’d like to hear your responses. What have our parents really gone through? Trauma. While we are exposed to similar events out there, in our environments, […]

Transcendence The 7th SOC

Stage of Change (SOC) is a term casual readers may like explained. It refers to where the explorer, person or client is regarding ability to or readiness to change. One school of thought is there are five stages. Another mentions a sixth category. I’m proposing yet a seventh. The first five are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Gratitude seems to be the word that has the most meaning. Think of all the sacrifices our Mothers have made for us. Mothers put themselves at the bottom of the needs list. You get the new dress, suit or shoes first. Mom is cooking and cleaning for you and the family. Moms sit up with […]