If you are looking for help with alcohol or other drugs, this is where you find out how to get “unstuck” from your alcohol and other drug abuse issues. You have arrived.

If you are court mandated and must get help, you and your attorney will benefit using these Pristine Justice treatment ideas. What happened?

You reached the top of your game. And then something happened. Deeply hidden issues are coming to the surface. They are showing themselves through behaviors involving alcohol and other drugs. Perhaps, even criminal thinking and conduct.

Public Defenders and criminal defense attorneys will see the benefits of this program immediately. If you want to hear more you can call me now at 808 385 4550.

You have thought about changing. You have tried many times too. But, you need to know one thing. The major problem you are having is with your beliefs and values.

“Changing thoughts is not enough to get ongoing positive outcomes. We must change our core beliefs.” (Wanberg and Milkman, p.145*) Maybe that’s why…

You are having family problems. Problems at work too. Relationship and financial losses are causing huge problems . You may even be having legal problems.

We can work through these issues together. During our interview we will discuss events that led to these unwanted behaviors and outcomes. You have felt like these are out of your control. I did too. But I learned to change what was haunting me.

While we discuss your needs and wants we will assess your situation completely and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to you, your family and your business – in complete privacy and anonymity. Using Applied Cognitive Behavior Theory we will explore how the ‘Old You’ past events have caused problems today so that you can move forward with a happier, healthier and more productive ‘New You’ future. And, clean and sober.

So, ask yourself, when is now the best time to make that change?

* “Criminal Conduct & Substance Abuse Treatment, Strategies for Self-improvement and Change, pathways to responsible living, Second Edition, p. 145, Sage Publishing.