Help with substance abuse and other recovery and treatment ideas can be found here. Counselors, therapists and drug court clinicians or administrators will find useful ideas to use helping clients in recovery.

You can buy my book or the Criminal Justice and Addictions guide here. I offer free coaching or sessions for people who need this help and buy these products. So you get sober coaching or ‘how to’ suggestions.

New Class for 2020: Criminal Justice and Addictions Counseling with Rapport, Communication, And Transformational CBT Work, 34 CEU hours.

Counselors, therapists, Drug Court Clinicians, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and other professionals will understand and be able explain how to help clients see, hear and feel the Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT) solutions more clearly, using skills and resources clients already have (VAK) to change beliefs, values, attitudes and behavior.

Professionals will be able to demonstrate how visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensory acuity skills can be used with Motivational Interviewing. Clinicians will understand how this can be used for self-care too. You can buy six-34 home study CEU. Live workshops will be available once again after the Covid-19 threat has been mitigated.

Maybe you want only 6, 12 or 20 CEUs. Let me know. I can do that for you.

You can call me now at 808 385 4550. approved, provider #192679, expires 03/01/2022. $145.00 USD.
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You will get help from this book. If you or someone you know want help struggling with alcohol or other drug problems this book will help. You could learn how to use the strengths and resources you already have to overcome personal challenges. You can learn at your own pace. Be sure to practice the interventions that you will find so helpful.

“It’s a great pleasure to say a few words about this excellent new book by Stan Dokmanus…he made an original and I believe, outstanding contribution to the success of this important program… I’m sure you will find it helpful and valuable…”
Chief Judge & Drug Court Judge (Ret) Second Circuit, State of Hawaii (See full comment in Foreword to the book)

My book is not only for drug court clients. You may be a professional: a doctor, attorney, business executive or in the military. Addiction does not respect education, income or profession. It will take over (addictio) anyone who gives alcohol or drugs a chance. That’s why this book, a great gift to yourself or for someone you care about, is so important.

Individuals can purchase the 34 CEU home study course for personal benefit too.

Telephone Interventions can be arranged for privacy and to avoid having your superiors learn about your concerns. This can be of real concern in the military.

Attorneys, doctors and business executives can benefit too from the anonymity of Concierge Counseling with me. Call me now for immediate help. Ph: 808 385 4550

You may already be in the criminal justice system (on paper) in drug court, on probation or parole.

You probably already have enough ‘whys’ to change. This book will give you the ‘hows’ to change. If you, your loved one or your group (family, work or agency) need help – contact me now by email – – and we will arrange an appointment or discussion.

You can buy it now by clicking the Amazon link, above. Thank you.