Mom’s Epiphany and Change, Cont’d.

Scene: Gray clouds rolling, thunder clapping, The Greek Chorus gathered and is chanting about Mom’s  epiphany. 

They discuss the value of VAK and imagery.

The leader: “We understand it means visual, auditory and kinesthetic, or see, hear and feel.”

The volume of the chanting increases with the new awareness that these are our ‘true strengths and resources.’ They discuss how to use it effectively to help clients get unstuck.

Second member: “If we speak Greek to everyone in the world, we won’t be understood. Celts won’t understand us. We need to speak the language of the listener.”

Leader: “If I understand this, I need to learn the preferred, learning and communication style leading to rapport and communication. Correct?”

Second member: “αυτό είναι σωστό. That’s correct. I hear that you feel me. I like that.”

Leader: As I picture it, when Mom used imagery, it was more effective using VAK in rich detail. A visual person prefers a colorful moving picture. An auditory person likes bass and tempo more.

Second member: That’s right. I like that. A feelings person responds to warm and fuzzy questions and statements.

Leader: “It makes me wonder. Are people with addiction issues more visual, auditory or kinesthetic? Let’s break now. We can answer that when we meet on Tuesday, after we’ve had time to grasp this?”

The leader notices that there were no other likes or comments and invited the others to give opinions.