Mom’s Subjective Experience and Imagery.

Mother talked excitedly with her sidekick about how she was frozen in the memory of the fire. She tried to move but found she was stuck in a state of panic on her Maslow timeline.

Focused now,

…the sidekick mentioned to Mom that “It’s clear, I can see you have a problem as you tell me about it. You know, I might have an idea that could help you solve the fear and anxiety.” She asked “if this could help you to get unstuck, using only your visual, auditory and Kinesthetic senses, would you be interested in seeing how this works?” Mom, now excited says “Sigurno!” Sure.

Rapport and Buy-in.

Mom listened intently as the sidekick explained how, working together, they could examine Mom’s  (subjectivity) memory of the fire, discuss it now; and change it to something more empowering. Mom asked “is this Shapiro’s EMDR or something like that?” She said she “had tried that before with little benefit,” – for whatever reason. The sidekick said “No. This is different. It’s Beck’s Imagery and could be used by anyone who wanted to change how they felt about something.” Mom, now, very excited says “Dogovor.” It’s a deal.


Enter now, the Greek Chorus singing in amazement that these random acquaintances know about Shapiro and Beck. Or, was this a random occurrence? The sidekick seemed to just appear out of nowhere.


“Okay, let’s do it then,” said the sidekick. “Here’s what I want you to do.” She starts to instruct Mom and says, “Okay, standing right there on your timeline where you are stuck, I want you to make a hologram of you, in that frightful scenario. See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel.” VAK. Mom nods in agreement.

Sidekick: “Make a picture of you, over there, about 12 feet away.” Mom does this. “Be in the situation fully. See, hear and feel (VAK) the fire experience. Now on a scale of 1-10 where one is minimal and 10 is extreme panic, how does this experience feel to you?”

Mom: “It’s a ten.” This is verified by her facial expression.

Sidekick: “Okay, do you see it in color or black and white?”

Mom: “I see it in color, the flames are huge, moving, getting closer and higher.”

Sidekick: “Okay. Change the picture to black and white. Make it a still picture. Tell me how that feels.”

Mom: “Wow! That feels better already. So, if I change the picture, I can change the feelings? Wow!”

Sidekick: “That’s right. We experience our lives in pictures. What is the number now on a 1-10 scale?”

Mom: “It’s an eight.”

Sidekick: “Okay. Now move it farther away, slowly. Fourteen feet, fifteen feet, twenty feet. That’s right. Slowly, moving farther away, what is the number now?” We’ll zoom ahead now to save time.

Mom: “It’s a six. It feels way better. I didn’t know I had these powerful, VAK strengths and resources

Sidekick: “Now, as you make the picture smaller and dimmer, move it away twenty-five feet, thirty, forty feet, slowly, it’s getting smaller and smaller. You can hardly see it. How does that feel?”

Mom: “It feels great, maybe a one. I’m satisfied. After all, fire is dangerous. Say, can I pay you in cash?”