A Mother’s Journey, “The Road to Recovery.”

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Scene: “A winter’s day. In a deep and dark December”[1], a woman, a wanderer, walks alone. Searching for truth.


Mother a Wanderer (she asks a stranger who appeared from nowhere): “Do you know the way to “Recovered?”

Stranger:  “Yes! I do.” Pointing, she says “you take this narrow, cobbled, less traveled road. Keep going straight – passing the frequent roadblocks along the hilly, winding, path, and…wait a minute; It could be confusing. I’ll just take you there.”

Mother a Wanderer [gratefully]: “Oh! Thank you. I’ve been lost for so long. I’m so tired. Tired of being tired.”          

Stranger: [understanding, a sidekick now]: “”Imagine” “The long and winding road.[2]” It begins sweetly, at Birth and wends its way – past Recovered, past even Transcendence, to Eternity.”

Mother a Wanderer: “It sounds like quite a journey.”

Sidekick: “It is. It’s a long, linear journey, not a sprint. But it has twists and turns, hills and ruts. It will have stops and cautions in strange areas that could include your: physiology, safety, sense of belonging, self-esteem, self-actualization and if you choose – Self-Transcendence.[3]

Mother a Wanderer: “Sounds interesting. Will it take long?”

Sidekick: “Sometimes you might stumble, miss a turn and will have to turn back to get on the right track again. But with the right map you will find your way. Being able to backtrack with the map will help show where you went off your intended path. It could be a learning experience.”

Wanderer: “Can you give me an example of how to backtrack if I’m lost?”

Sidekick [now becomes the guide]: “Sure. Where should we start? Where do you feel lost or stuck?”

Wanderer: “Self-esteem feels like a good place.”

Guide: “Ok, sounds like you might have a feeling like you’re not good enough. Or, lacking self-esteem. [Wanderer nods] No problem says the guide. Facing forward on your road or time line I want you to start walking backwards, just “float back[4]” as you continue to feel the way you experience this lack of self-esteem. I’m going to anchor that negative feeling on your left shoulder as you do.” [Wanderer agrees]

“You’ll feel something when you reach the point that you became “stuck” in your past. There’ll be a jolt, a flash, a feeling – something is not right. I’ll feel or see it too. I might even see it in your eyes.”

[The Mother Wanderer gets to the beginning of the Sense of Belonging journey and stops.]

Mother Wanderer: “Something doesn’t feel right, here, in the moment.” (There’s a noticeable blink of the eye, a gaze.) “I feel a little scared. What’s wrong?” She notices a feeling of nothingness, she’s alone, frightened.

Stranger: “Can you see anything?”

Mother Wanderer: “Yes! There’s a fire! A huge, blazing fire! Oh no! The neighbor’s house is on fire. It’s so close. I feel like I could die in the fire.”

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[1] I am a Rock. Simon and Garfunkel

[2] Imagine, The Long and Winding Road, The Beatles

[3] Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

[4] The Float back technique, Francine Shapiro, Richard Bandler