Transcendence The 7th SOC

Stage of Change (SOC) is a term casual readers may like explained. It refers to where the explorer, person or client is regarding ability to or readiness to change. One school of thought is there are five stages.

Another mentions a sixth category. I’m proposing yet a seventh. The first five are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance. Simple enough. Each has its own characteristics and behaviors.

The sixth stage is Relapse/Recycling to some. Again self-explanatory. If you need an explanation and would like to discuss this you can call me: 808 385 4550. Or email:

Relapse and Recidivism are two terms common to the field. They are thinking about or returning to using AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) or CTC (Criminal Thinking and Conduct).

Have you ever heard the expression? – “you get what you think about.” Earl Nightingale is credited with that quote. It’s true. You become what you think as he said.

That’s why I like the concept of Transcendence. Maslow described it as rising above; even higher than Self-actualization. See Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Transcendence is the sixth of the Hierarchies. Victor Frankl too espoused this theory. Maslow described Self-Transcendence.

So, if a person needing to get “unstuck” from say, alcohol problems thought about rising above it, to be sober, healthier and happy, what would you say about his chances? Could they be better than 30%.

Letting the thoughts of relapse occupy your mind 24/7 always seemed a little strange to me. I get the concept. But it’s strange. Why not think about being successful and sober instead? About Transcendence…

So, if other recovery programs have not worked for you, why not call me now if you want to get on the trail to Transcendence.

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs could be handy as a recovery tool couldn’t it. SUD could apply to each level. ASAM has a model showing this.

If this concept appeals to you I have a chapter about this in my book. The chapter is called: Six Steps on the Trail to Transcendence. The book is Drug Court Treatment: The Verdict. You can find it in my catalog on this site or at

See for more information.

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