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We are an interesting species. We miss goals, make mistakes and get different outcomes than we intended.

I meant to do this but I got that. What happened? I wasn’t even thinking about that. Really! What happened?

One answer could be – maybe it is ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. Adders can be on the way to the pantry to get napkins but on the way something they saw distracted him or her. You see some ‘bright shiny object’ as one of my confidants says and there you go.

Two or three minutes later when everyone is waiting on you, you show up at the table empty handed wondering why are they looking at you that way. That’s the life of an Adder.

It can hurt and be very stressful. It does not do a lot for your self-esteem or self-image either.

So here is a chance to get over that. Just be happy knowing that it is one of your ‘parts’ acting up. Your ADD part. You had a positive intent of getting the napkins that would have got you favor with the family but the ‘ADD part’ took you somewhere else.

You are not alone. Four to 11 percent of children have ADD and live that experience everyday. Some outgrow it. I did not. I’m plagued with ADD even today.

The good news is that it is about being aware now about what has been different about me. Notice I said different, not wrong.

It’s the same for you. It’s a similar type of thing when alcohol and other drugs, relapse and recidivism (returning to thinking or committing crime) get you results other than what you intended.

You intended to remain abstinent. If just for today. But an Old You Part got in the way. You got distracted, forgot and drank. You didn’t intend to get drunk – but you did. Because that’s what we do. Yes. Me too. But not anymore.

So, know that you can control this by being aware of what is going on and that you can change it. Now you will notice the irrational thinking that goes along with the negative self-talk of people who have depression, Bi-polar Disorder, ADD or other diagnoses. I want you to notice what your notice.

“Catch it. Check it. Change it.” Catch the negative self-talk. Check it for how useful or hurtful it is. Then Change it to something more pleasant. I got that from Psychology Tools, com.

Now – see a picture of you over there about 10 feet away. It could be on your left, right or strait ahead. It’s a beautiful color picture of the successful and happy you. You are so happy that now you know why this has always happened. The riddle is solved. You are very proud of yourself.

You feel calm and self-satisfied. Ahh!

If this has been going on with you or someone you love and you want my help now, call me at 808 385 4550.

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