First things first. What do I do? I help people change unwanted behaviors that involve alcohol and other drugs (AOD). You already have the strengths and resources you need to make these changes.

If you’ve not been successful so far in making these changes, what have you got to lose by working with me? I mean other than you family, your health, your job or your assets?

Too often, because of Substance Use Disorders, people cross the line into criminal thinking and conduct (CTC). These behaviors can involve financial crimes, violence, theft from family, friends or business. Do fiduciaries embezzle from clients? Do doctors get addicted? Do lawyers develop alcohol or other drug problems?

There are reasons for all behaviors. My job is to help you explore and resolve these issues before it’s too late or you get in deeper trouble.

You might be surprised to learn that something that happened when you were three years old is holding you back today. Picture that: you are a business executive, doctor or lawyer and some seven year old part is governing you behavior. We will explore and resolve these issues before you lose anymore – of whatever it is you want to keep .

We will look into the past, see how it affects your present and resolve these issues so you can have a brighter, happier, more successful future. You could benefit by balancing out these issues.

A balanced life is a more happy, more healthy and successful life. In Hawaiian, Lokahi means balance. To coin a phrase, “Living Lokahi Loca” is a good thing.

So, if what you’ve read so far makes sense, why not contact me to make an appointment now. Phone: 808 385 4550. Or,

If you are coming to Maui let’s create an opportunity that will help you achieve your happiness goals or reach your next level. The only thing that is holding you back are limiting beliefs that we will change to empowering beliefs together. Sometimes in minutes.

You and your business will benefit through improved performance at work and increased profits. Why lose any more money to ghosts from the past that haunt you today. Because you and your business will enjoy improvements Uncle Sam will be very generous with you as you help yourself and your staff to improve.

You will benefit from a workshop on Maui that is created just for you, your staff and your needs. What will you learn in the workshop?

If we go far enough back on any person’s timeline we will discover a point before the first using event occurred. It could be the second before, the minute before or the day before. It is a time when the brain and nervous system were free of alcohol and other drugs.

Some people will be shocked at how young others were when they first experienced alcohol, being drunk, drugs and being high or an injury due to using these substances. Some were as young as three, four or five years of age. These same issues affect employee performance day in and day out.

Other clients report first use as in their teens, 20’s, 30’s or even older. People who develop a gambling problem (addiction) later in life (50’s,60’s or older) never knew they had a problem until one day – boom! it hit them and they were taken over in a moment.

Heinekens has now introduced 0.00 bac beer. States are approving recreational marijuana. Good luck employers! You’ll have fun with these issues.

As an employer, that’s just what you want: an employee under the influence of a mind altering substance. You want to increase profits and they want to get high at lunch.

It is not necessary to cover all the brain activity or the details of the chemical reactions that occur in different parts of the brain to discuss the problem of addiction. Suffice it to say that after enough using episodes or trials the person or brain will eventually be taken over.

After repeated usage of alcohol as an example a person begins to build tolerance. More of the substance is needed to get the same effect. The person begins to experience withdrawal symptoms from that particular drug if they don’t get it. If he does not get the ‘hit’ or ‘hair of the dog’ the symptoms can persist. People can feel out of sorts, lousy, cranky, feel like they will die and may be very unpleasant to be around.

In the beginning let’s say a person could get a buzz on from one or two 12 ounce beers. It feels great and the brain says ‘Hey Stan, I like that. I want more of that.’ Before you know it I need three or four beers to get the same sensation. I begin to dose myself or titrate – determining the amount I will need to get the desired effect. Before you know it I need 12 beers to get the effect and soon after that I’m loaded.

So – why do people drink or use any drug? Why do people do any behavior? One theory is that everything we do is to either move away from pain or move toward pleasure. Using alcohol or other drugs has been called ‘self-medicating’ by some professionals.

By the way, if I define every phrase such as ‘titrate’, ‘self-medicating’ or ‘withdrawal’ this writing will turn into a thesaurus or dictionary. That is too far astray from my goal. The reader can Google these terms and come up with volumes of information. But don’t Google too much because I want you here.

Why do we shoot ourselves in the foot then? And how do we do that? Talking recently with an anonymous client who was seeking to ‘feel better’ about herself and her life, she reported that the reason she experimented with drugs was because of the ‘feelings’ she got from them and that she could ‘escape’ from how she ‘was feeling’ by artificially creating a new feeling.

That’s her ‘why’ answer. She was moving ‘away’ from the bad feelings (pain) and ‘toward’ the better feelings (pleasure). The ‘how’ was with a half dozen different drugs that she got from the most unreliable people one could imagine – dealers.

That is another problem. The dealers. Do you really think they care about you? I think they care more about my money than me. They want it to go from my pocket to theirs as quickly and as often as possible. Some of you might say ‘but it’s only weed.’ How does anyone know if and with what weed may be laced today?

The dealer wants your repeat business. If his product knocks your socks off and it seems cheaper or the same price as a competitor you might return to her or him for a ‘better high.’ If we can get a ‘cleaner clean’ today I suppose a ‘better high’ is not too far fetched.

What’s the simple take home for today? The once pure brain or nervous system can become addicted to a substance or even gambling by building tolerance. Repeated behavior reinforces the effect. Before you know it – addictio – taken over.

The next part of the simple take home is that we use or do other behavior to move ‘away from pain’ and ‘toward pleasure.’ So, we see that it is our feelings and emotions that lead to behavior choices – good or bad. One of the things that I do for clients is to show them ways to control feelings and emotions. The Power of Emotional State is critical. We will discuss that in the next post.

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