“Write about your one true thing” J.K.Rowling

You will get help here with new and different ideas about achieving your change goals. Whether your problems are with alcohol, or, other drugs there are solutions. You are not helpless. There is HOPE!

We all have goals, hopes and dreams. But these may seem to be shattering under the weight of what may appear to be problems out of your control. For some of you the problems could be spiraling, getting worse and affecting other areas of your lives.
Family problems are more frequent. You are having problems with your significant others (wife, husband, children, girlfriend, boyfriend) and nobody seems to understand you.

There could be problems at work like not showing up, being late or problems with coworkers. It could be costing you in terms of lost money.

Financial problems, health issues and even legal consequences are nipping at your heels. Maybe you got a drunk- driving ticket. Maybe it was a Failure to Appear charge when you forgot about or blew off a court date. What about drug court, probation or parole violations?

I understand. You are not living up to your dreams. Life is not working out the way you visualized it. Or, maybe you reached the top of your world and then something terrible happened. Your map of reality got shaken up pretty good, didn’t it?

Drug counselors and other clinicians too will discover new and exciting treatment concepts that have worked well for me and millions of others all over the world. Yes- I have or have had some of these problems too. I’m not saying my life is perfect in all areas. But…

I too was addicted and it did cause so many losses in so many areas of my life. I learned how to stop that behavior and start achieving my work and financial goals. Living life clean and sober led me to new discoveries about alcoholism, addiction, treatment and recovery possibilities.

“My one true thing” as J.K. Rowling commented on is to let you know about what I discovered along my journey and help others to achieve their recovery goals and outcomes. I want to share that with you here.

Others have noticed how these methods are different and you can read some of the comments at my website, Also, you will notice that I wrote a book entitled “Drug Court Treatment: The Verdict” which is available at, Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores.

If you have questions or need a clarification about some of these ideas you can contact me at .

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